Scrum Values Roles Card Game

Here is the list of cards, grouped according the category. Please feel free to improve the description or include new cards.



Card 1 = "Scrum Master. Responsible for making sure a Scrum Team lives by the values and practices of Scrum. He is often considered a coach for the team, helping the team do the best work it possibly can."

Card 2 = "Product Owner. Responsible for the product scope. Establishes a vision of what he wishes to build, transmitting it to the Scrum Team."

Card 3 = "Development Team. Responsible for developing the product. The Scrum framework states that each team member should contributes in whatever way they can to complete the work of each sprint."


Product Owner

Card 4 = "Work closely with key stakeholders across the organization to communicate, define and prioritize the product backlog."

Card 5 = "Decision maker regarding what features the product will have."

Card 6 = "Prioritizes the product backlog during the sprint planning meeting."

Scrum Master

Card 7 = "Does anything possible to help the team perform at their highest level."

Card 8 = "Removes all impediments to progress, facilitates meetings and helps resolve conflicts."

Card 9 = "Shelters the team from outside distractions, allowing team members to focus maniacally during the sprint on the goal they have selected."

Scrum Team

Card 10 = "Decides which tools and techniques to use, and which persons will work on which tasks."

Card 11 = "Have total authority over how the work gets done."

Card 12 = "Implement the findings that result from Retrospective meetings."


Card 13 = "Commitment"

Card 14 = "Focus"

Card 15 = "Openness"

Card 16 = "Respect"

Card 17 = "Courage"



Card 18 = "Willing to create realistic goals and stick to them."

Card 19 = "Be present on the meetings."


Card 20 = "Have a clear role and clear goals within that role."

Card 21 = "Few things at a time."


Card 22 = "Be open about the work, the progress, the learning and the problems."

Card 23 = "To collaborate across disciplines and skills, also sharing feedback and learning from one another."


Card 24 = "Harmony is created by each role syncing and thereby creating a development rhythm as the project progresses."

Card 25 = "Individuals are shaped by their background and their experiences. It is important to accept the different people who comprise a team."


Card 26 = "To trust the Scrum process to guide the work needed to satisfy the requirements of the product."

Card 27 = "Not to fear to raise impediments on a daily basis."

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